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What Does The Constitution Say about Healthcare?

Four Step System to Lower Cost Constitutional Healthcare For All

America has gone from a culture understanding personal responsibility and how it relates to a better society to a culture of entitlements and personal self worth and completely dis-concerning themselves with how their selfishness effects society. The older generation wants to blame Millennials for this thinking and refuse to blame themselves for perpetuating this belief decades ago. I am not here to push blame. I want to offer solutions for real lives. Lives affected on both sides of this healthcare battle. In looking at our healthcare situation I look at it with constitutional based eyes.

Everyone has the right to life. Furthermore I do not believe that too many people want to see anyone loose their life. However there are those whom know that they have a right to their own property (their money). They also know that it's not the governments job to pay for healthcare or even supply healthcare to anyone. How can we overcome this gap? Lets all sit down and build a bridge.

Somehow this bridge has to connect healthcare to the impoverished all while keeping everyones income intact and not over reaching with unconstitutional government mandates. If we are going to take an issue that should not otherwise be a discussion within the realm of government operations and using resources we have to reel society back to a point of understanding personal responsibility once again lets have this conversation.

I propose the following in order to help move toward the goal of complete Constitutional Healthcare:

Allowing all aspects of healthcare to even include holistic medicine a tax deductible allowance up to the rate that would likewise be charged to insurance companies for the same services for each patient they provide pro bono services to. This allows them to get a maximum 100% deduction in their tax liability if they provide pro bono services to 50% of their total clients service for service. Patients would have to meet curtain criteria to qualify for those pro bono services.

But what about the taxes... oh no how will we ever pay for....? If the government is no longer paying for medical services then tax dollars no longer need allocated for that. Any difference will just need to be worked out with lowering the budget.

This plan does not put an extra burden on insurance companies. It does not demand that insurance companies accept pre existing conditions however patients that have them would be covered for pro bono care.

In addition we can help to ensure quality pro bono care by having a system where providers give patients surveys to report the quality of care they have received. Providers who have a substandard quality of care report would receive a lower deduction than providers whom have a higher rating that meets a standard of practice.

This system is 100% voluntary and no one is forced to be involved. Incentives are provided to get the ball rolling and over time everyone will see how taking personal responsibility, keeping the government out of the system, and using that personal responsibility responsibly can effect how society can function at a much higher level.

We don't have to keep arguing over healthcare. We have another option. We need representatives in Congress that can fairly and most importantly Constitutionally make these determinations when voting on such an important issue as healthcare reforms that affect all of us equally.

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