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Meet Michael


Michael Strauss graduated high school in 2000 from La Porte High School. He is acclaimed to hold over 18 IT certifications and an Associate of Science from Flamel University. Strauss is a certified paralegal, and skilled in the art of world culinary cuisine.


Strauss had built up several businesses over the years and served fortune 100 companies and many government agencies in the IT, Electrical, Installation, Moving, and other service areas. Strauss is currently on the board of advisers and is a consultant for several startup corporations.

Strauss got involved in politics in 2001 in order to legalize cannabis. As he got involved in politics his intrests grew realizing liberty can only be had if its liberty for all and for all purposes. In 2003 Strauss became a formal Libertarian. For Strauss the term Libertarian is a state of being and purpose not a political party. Everyone who believes in Life, Liberty, and Property principles of the philosophy of liberty is a Libertarian.

Strauss is pro second amendment, pro freedom of speech and of the press, pro transparency and accountability, against eminent domain, is personally pro life because you cannot properly defend liberty without defending all life, however Strauss believes in personal choice and that that decision is between a woman and her creator and not the government. Strauss is for reducing government red tape for small businesses, reducing government spending, and pulling in our troops and stop policing the world.

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